2022 Sponsors

Sponsors Needed !

Campo Verde Baseball thanks you for sponsoring. Your participation helps 50 boys play baseball. All proceeds fund helmets, field improvements and training equipment. Sponsors will be advertised via banner (if ordered), in media guide, on the club's Facebook page (300 followers), in game-day reminders emailed to parents of players (50 families), and via PA announcement at all home games. More details are in the FAQ list at the bottom of this form. Sponsorship is a tax-deductible expense as advertising (for business) or 501c3 donation (for individual). To participate, please submit the following information and payment by 3/1/22.

Clink the following link.... SPONSOR ORDER FORM


Q: How many home games?  A: Normally 5 tournament games + 9 regular season home games. Because of pandemic, no guarantee of how many games actually will occur or how may fans will be allowed. Regardless, most of the advertising in this arrangement occurs in media that aren't dependent on in-person attendance.

Q: Where exactly will banners be placed?  A:To maximize exposure to fans of all 3 teams (varsity, JV, freshmen), banners will be hung on fences backing varsity field bleachers and other fences near entryway to ballpark.

Q: Must the artwork I submit accord exactly to the format specified above?  A: Yes. And here are more details for banner artwork... When scaled to finished size (6'w x 4'h), artwork must be 200+ dpi with graphics extending slightly beyond all edges at print size. That excess inch will be cutoff in production to make banners full-bleed, so critical imagery should not extend beyond 46” x 70” (1” in from each edge).  Any colors intended to go to banner edge should be sized at 50” x 74” (1” beyond edge of the print).  If banner artwork has no bleed (it’s just white), then we’re still going to trim it at 50” x 74” so we have a hem to sew, and the final size will be 48” x 72”.  Stitching and grommets will be placed in 1' margins on all sides. Banner imagery may include logo and other content (contact info, slogan, etc.), but bear in mind the less dense the content, the more readable the image. If you need help with graphic design, tell us via email, and we can connect you with a resource.

Q: May I buy industry exclusivity?  A: That's not available. Assume other companies in your line of business might sponsor.

Q: May I invest in more than one sponsorship?  A: Any sponsor with multiple divisions or locations may secure a sponsorship for each unit.  For example, Earnhardt buys separate sponsorships for its Hyundai and Chrysler dealerships.  But no multi-purchase discount is available.

Q: Who’s the audience?  A: Facebook thank-you posts reach families at all 3 team levels plus families of alumni, campers, and other fans (about 300 followers).  Emailed reminders for home and away games go to families at all 3 levels (about 100 individuals). Media guides are distributed to fans at home games (biggest games get 125 spectators: 100 CV, 25 visitors, if not limited by pandemic) and to any scouts or members of media by request.

Q: Besides sponsor ads, what else is in media guide?  A: Roster for CV team, photos of players,  schedule of games, possibly background info on CV Baseball.

Q: Are Venmo, Zelle, and check the only payment means?  A: Yes.  We offer no other methods and can’t accept cash.

Q: Will I get a receipt or 501c3 letter?  A: Each sponsor will receive a receipt specifying 501c3 details.  But businesses can deduct this expense as advertising, rather than charitable contribution, if desired.

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