2022-23 Booster Club

The Campo Verde HS Baseball Booster Club provides the CV Baseball program the vital resources necessary to compete in the 5A San Tan Region and state of Arizona.  

2022-23 CV Baseball Booster Board

President:  Brian Reid

Vice President:   Josh Heilman

Secretary:  Amanda Wisniewski

Treasurer:  Christine Shea

Member at Large:  Bill Ahern

Contact:  campobaseballboosters@gmail.com


Fundraising Lead - Volunteer needed

Looking for someone who can bring fresh new ideas to help support CVHS baseball

Main fundraising events:

Fall:  organize golf or other event

December: CVHS Holiday Clinic (with Coach Singer)

Spring:  banners & sponsorships

February: Hour-a-Thon

Game Day Coordinators/Leads – V / JV / Freshmen volunteer needed

Secure staffing for announcing and scoreboard

Music - before game/between innings and Walk-Up songs (if approved by Coach)

Ideas for crowd involvement

Maybe inquire about student volunteers to announce

Team Parents –  V / JV / Freshmen volunteer needed

Arranging team dinners: dates & sign ups, coordinate hosts (not hosting them all)

Team Photographer  –  V / JV / Freshmen volunteer needed

Ensuring there is a team photographer for every game and every player has 5-10 pictures for the end of year slide show


President – NAME

Official representative of the CVHS Baseball Boosters Club

Overall coordination and involvement

Liaison to Coaches and School Staff

Keep members informed of all matters pertaining to the affairs of the club


Appoint special committees

Banquet Planning

Vice President – NAME

“Back-up-president.” If the president is unavailable


Recruit / coordinate volunteers 

End of Year Banquet Planning

Treasurer - NAME

Be the custodian of all funds of the organization

Supervise and accurately record all receipts and disbursements of funds

Report to the membership on all receipts, disbursements, and financial statements of the organization at each regular meeting

Responsible for coordinating preparation of state and federal filing forms

Responsible for coordinating all information for tax purposes

Assists in the preparation of annual budgets

501(c)3 Application Process

Secretary - NAME

Write and keep minutes of all regular, special and Board meetings

Present and/or make available all such minutes at the regular monthly meetings

In charge of all correspondence of the organization and of filings correspondence for future reference

Maintain a roster of all active members

Issue notification of all upcoming regular, special, and Board meetings

Social Media Liaison 

Member-at-Large - NAME

Solicit and Coordinate Team Representatives

Assists with CVHS baseball gear and Distributions

Assist with Communications and Fundraising Efforts